The undersigned hereby create and found All Shall Fade, a kinship organization, chartered in Bree-Town Hall on this day, August the 2nd, of the year 2007.  This document constitutes a binding contract between the undersigned and any future members of the kinship formed here.  Any signer or member may choose to opt out of the contract personally and forsake their personal allegiance to the kinship, but no individual has the ability to disband this charter completely.    

We the undersigned found this kinship with the express purpose of driving back the Shadow of Angmar and all evils within Middle-Earth.  This kinship is to be a group of heroes among Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits, committed to working together and cooperating as a family or kin.  The kinship will strive to be a positive and helpful part of the community of Middle-Earth, while remaining active in all areas that the members wish to pursue.  All Shall Fade will not typically exclude any worthy hero seeking to join, provided they are willing to abide by the regulations stated in this charter. 

All Shall Fade is headquartered at our kinship manor, located at 5 Waterbank Road, Halnen, in the Falathlorn homestead, on the Nimrodel server.  In addition to this headquarters, the kinship also provides its members with a fully-featured website and forum, as well as a Ventrilo server.  A banking account is actively maintained, with stockpiles of rare materials and recipes, legendary weapons, and other rare and valuable items. 


Articles of Organization (revised 1/8/2021)


This kinship is formed with Leaders, Elder Council Members, Officers, Members, and Recruits.  These are outlined below:


Recruits are members of All Shall Fade who have recently joined the kinship. For the first month of their membership within the kin, they have this special status. They cannot use the bank system but can still receive or trade items from other kin members. They are also given access to the web site, and can attend all open meetings. 

Recruits can become members by reaching the following criteria:

1.  Hold the rank of recruit for 30 days.

2.  Reach level 30 with one character.

3.  Register on the kinship website by creating an account and filling out a recruitment questionnaire.


Members are the general population of the kinship. They have the right to add and remove items from the kin-house, attend all events (including sitting in on open officer meetings if they desire), and participate in general kin polls.


The officers are responsible for the day-to-day management of the kinship. They recruit new members, promote members from recruit to member, and also attend and vote at general officer meetings.


Honorary Officers for Life (former leaders, currently inactive):
The Elder Council are some of the more senior officers in the kinship.  They are typically involved in any discussions of major kinship decisions.
Elder Council

The kinship Leader and Successor are the overall commanders of the kinship. They are responsible for setting the long-term, general goals for the kinship.  The Leader promotes and demotes officers after elections. He or she is also the final authority on all non-official kin matters, and represents the kinship in relations with other kinships and the community as a whole.  The Successor is the kinship's second in command, and can take over leadership if the Leader is inactive for more than 35 days.
Findecuthalion, Leader
Birle, Successor

Officer meetings are held quarterly.  Other kin meetings are scheduled as needed and they will include officers and kinship members.
Articles of Procedure

There are a few types of decisions made by the kinship. 

1. Officer Elections: Nominations and voting are done by the officership as a whole.

2. Elder Council Appointments: Appointment of new Elder Council members are nominated and voted on by the officership are subject to the approval of the Kinship Leader.
3. Expulsion: On rare occasions, it might be necessary to expel an individual from the kinship.  In this unfortunate case, your officership has the final say.  Appeals may be made to the Kinship Leader.
4. Dissolution: Though it is unlikely to ever happen, there is a chance that there may come a time where the kinship could disband and dissolve this charter.  In that case, it would have to be brought before the Elder Council by a member, and then approved unanimously by the entire council.  Only under these circumstances may the Kinship Leader disband the kinship completely, in all other circumstances leadership should be passed to another willing individual.

5. Kinship Decisions: Major decisions about the future of the kinship. These are typically made by a vote of the general officer body.  However the exact process is often at the discretion of the Kinship Leader. 


Leaders and Officers get all their alts made officers.

Members get all alts made member upon promotion.

Recruits get all alts bumped to member once one of their characters becomes a member.

Any recruit, member, officer, or leader may have an unlimited number of characters in the kinship.
Officers are lowered to Member after 30 days of inactivity.
Members and Recruits are removed from the kinship after 550 days of inactivity. They are permitted to rejoin if they become active again at a later date.
Former Kinship Leaders are given the position of Officer for life, and cannot be booted or lowered below that point for inactivity.
Leaders of All Shall Fade:
Andryth (Founding - Sept '07)
Solvron (Sept '07)
Melwhin (Sept '07 - Aug '08)
Trindal (Aug '08 - Dec '08)
Melwhin (Dec '08 - Sept '09)
Trindal (Sept '09 - Sept '14)
Saelios (Sept '14 - June '15)
Trindal (June '15 - Jan '17)
Marithil (Jan '17 - Sep 20)
Elaelin (Sep 20 - Aug 22)
Findecuthalion (Aug 22 - Present)
Articles of Law
All those who are a part of the kinship, members and officers alike, are expected to abide by and uphold the rules outlined below.

Kinship chat is defined as any chat taking place on the kinship, officer, or all-kin fellowship channels, tells or mails to kinship members, discussion in the forums, or chat on the kinship Ventrilo server.

1. As a family-friendly kinship, we discourage excessive swearing in kinship chat. Every now and then is acceptable, as there is a profanity filter, but excessive swearing is rude and distracting.  There should also not be any discussion of adult or explicit topics in kin chat.  (Think about keeping it PG-13 or better.)
2. “ASF After Dark” is a special time period where these rules are slackened to accommodate our mature members.   After Dark lasts from 10pm Eastern – 8am Eastern every day, including weekends and holidays.  During this time we ask that members keep the General Chat (Pony) channel in Vent and kin chat in game to PG-13, but all other forms of chat are open in the other channels.  (Note that Chat Rules #3 and #4 are ALWAYS in effect.)

3. Show respect to all kinship members and officers at all times while in kinship chat. No flaming, belittling, or otherwise disrespecting other members.

4. Please do not barter or sell items on the main kinship channel. You may give away items, but please discuss bartering or selling via tells.


1. Items in the kinship chests are only to be taken if you really need them. They are NOT for resale on the AH or to vendors. Players caught reselling these items will lose their access privileges.

2. Please place only crafting items and decoration items in the chests. Other rare and valuable items can be mailed to our bank.  Please send purple or blue gear, shards and general items to Asfbank, legendary items to Asflegendary, and T5, T6, T7 or T8 single use recipes to Asfrecipe.

3. By placing an item or items in the kinship chest, you are acknowledging that any kinship member can take the item and you are unlikely to get it back if it is taken. Officers will not hunt down items that were placed in the chests for you.

4. Please don't spill food, drink, or blood on the carpets. Thanks!

5. If you have a decoration item that you'd like to place in the kinship hall, please give it to an officer. Officers are the only ones allowed to decorate.


1. Please arrive to kin events on-time. 

2. If the event is a kinship raid or instance run, please have all gear repaired and have any consumables you will need ahead of time. 

3. If you sign up for a kinship event (provided sign-ups are required) and cannot attend, please tell one of the event leaders ahead of time that you will not be attending. 

4. If there are guests at kinship events, you are expected to treat them with the same respect you give kinship members. Rudeness to guests will not be tolerated.


Your first infraction will result in a warning from an officer.

Your second infraction will result in a second warning.

Your third infraction will result in a vote for your removal from the kinship. Should the Elder Council vote to remove you, you will be removed from the kinship permanently.

The kinship reserves the right to skip warnings and/or the vote if the situation warrants it.  Officers who remove someone from the kinship without a vote should notify the leader afterwards.
This charter and all the rules and regulations contained within can only be modified with the approval of the Elder Council, expressed as a majority vote.  A general officer consensus is sufficient for anything not expressly mentioned within this charter. 
We the undersigned found this kinship in the name of the Free Peoples of Middle Earth, to guide, protect, and aid against the Shadow. 
2nd August, 2007
Andryth, Kinship Leader and Founder
Solvron, First Officer and Founder
Melwhin, Officer
Galthryth, Officer
Ironmike, Officer
Charter Last Updated: 9/10/2014 by Saelios
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